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Human connection
is back in business

Use Voodle to capture important business moments
and spread the knowledge that sparks action across your organization.

Real Insights for Faster, Smarter Decision Making

Capture authentic business moments

Use the Voodle mobile app to create short videos that capture important business moments, from customer feedback to product dev to team action items and more—keeping your team in sync.

Authentic Business Moments

Document every single word

Transcription powered by machine learning puts the words at your fingertips so you can watch & read, search & find, copy & paste.

Document every word with Voodle

Never miss a beat

Share real insights with your team by seamlessly sending your voodles across the places work gets done most like Slack or Salesforce.

Never miss a beat

Just the juicy stuff

Lots of voodles and short on time? Quickly search your Voodle Pool to watch a video summary highlighting the most relevant moments – the juicy bytes.

Voodle Pool

Keep Your Team in Sync

Create a Voodle to share important information with your team or organization.



Keep your sales team on track!


Use Voodles to stay up-to-date on deal status, account handoffs, competitive intel, objection handling and customer feedback.


Customer Success

Ensure your customer success team doesn’t miss a beat.

Customer Success

Create Voodles to unlock the collective knowledge of your team to quickly handle account onboarding, ticket resolution, account renewals, churn status, product feedback and feature requests.


Senior Leadership

Enable your managers to drive accountability across teams.

Senior Leadership

Compose Voodles to communicate business performance updates, meeting action items, strategic developments, and org announcements.



Spring your product team into action.


Leverage Voodles to share critical information and insights related to product updates, SCRUM status, and dev environment onboarding.



Help your marketing team help others.


Make Voodles to keep everyone educated on the latest messaging updates, campaign status, events, product launches, enablement tools and more.

How to Voodle



Download the Voodle mobile app.



Hit “record” from the app to capture key business moments instantly.



Share your Voodle with the click of a button to any channel or individuals in your business messaging platform.



Search your Voodle Pool to find the videos and moments most relevant to you, including the Juicy Bytes.

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